How to print Cheque?

    To print the Cheque, you must have to create the cheque first. How to create cheque Click Here
  • create the any transaction Payment, Receipt, Purchase as per your requirements.
    • For ex. Lets create Payment transaction. Go to Transaction > Payment Or press shortcut key F5
  • Date: Select the date of transaction.
  • Voucher No: Enter the voucher number.
  •    To visible voucher number field in payment transaction go to Setup > Voucher Configuration > Select PAYMENT click on Edit button > set
      Voucher Generation Type 'Mannual'.
  • To: Select the ledger which you want to pay money through cheque.
  • Amount: Enter the amount.
  • By: Select the ledger whose ledger group is 'Bank Accounts'.
  • Description: Enter the description.
  • Cheque number: Enter the cheque number Or Press F3 to see which cheques are availble and select the cheque no. from the list.
  • Cheque Date: Enter the cheque date.
    • After adding details you can click on Ok button.
      You want to print cheque then got to Reports > Daybook select the transaction, lets select Payment transaction as created here.
  • You can see the Print Cheque button. Click on this button.
  • You will get the window of cheque print, Enter the name which you want to print on cheque in "Name to print on cheque" box.
  • If you want to include bank expesne, you can selct the checkbox 'Include Bank Expenses in Total'.