How to convert H2 databse to Postgres?

    H2 databse is prone to corruption on power failure so to convert the database into Postgres.
  • First you have to close the software if it opens.
  • And rename the installation folder i.e Innoventry_backup_date.
  • Install the new software from
  • Paste the database from last installation folder into data folder of new installation folder.
  • Launch Innoventry software from new installation folder.
  • Open the company, if it asks for upgrade say "Yes".
  • Close the software and open it again.
  • Do not login and cancel the company selection frame.
  • Go to the Help > convert H2 Database to postgres > select the database mv.db form new installation folder.
  • Go to the company selection frame it will show company name with postgres url.
  • Select the company and open it again.
  • Check if Postgres databse service is running.
  • If you get an error same database already exists then rename the mv.db file.
  • After successful conversion of database would be move to "Converted to postgres" folder.
    • If any problems occured during this conversion, call on customer care number:8055013343.Or email on